Hello, Officer

A Short Film Written by Wendy Wheeler,

Produced and Directed by Angela Lee

My short script, HELLO, OFFICER, was filmed by Angela Lee of Big Plume Productions over a weekend in October 2005. I got to be script supervisor, which was fun! Seeing your words spoken by actors and watching all the issues that come up with filming something you thought would be quick and clever was really an education for me. Will I specify that a car be filled with smoke ever again? Maybe not after I saw how green it made the actors, sound man, camera man and director (who were all squeezed into a tiny Volkswagen Thing!).

Big props to the incredible crew, and to Angela, who brought a lot of heart and inspiration to the filming.

Left to Right: Our actors, Allie Trimm, John Lansch and Deena Kalai

A list of the Big Plume crew members for the film:

If you're a producer or agent, please email me to see the DVD of the movie.

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